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TeSPA Events

Winter Tournament, Dec. 2014

Riot Games Meet & Greet

BU PC Gaming Club had the wonderful opportunity to host a Meet&Greet between a number of Riot Games team members (makers of League of Legends) and the local Boston community. The room was packed full. After all the seats in the room were filled, people sat on the floor and walked around. We had more than just BU students come to our event - we also had local community LAN center owner visit and students from Suffolk, Berklee, Boston College, and Northeastern show up. Together we watched tournament game matches and heard insider tips on how to get internships to work at Riot Games.
Character designer "Riot Gypsy" explained the concept ideas behind his champions Vi, Gnar, and Jinx. He also talked to us about the direction he wants these champions to move in and how the game meta is changing.
Other Rioters like "Riot Jules" and "Riot Reboot" taught us some of the math that goes into bug fixes in the game. Where do all your reports and tickets go? They placed themselves into approachable areas in the room and spent hours discussing the game with fellow fans.
Riot was extremely generous and donated catering for this event through BOLOCO - a local burrito restaurant that has worked with us before. We also held raffles and games where students were able to win prizes such as GUNNARS Glasses and other cool stuff. If it wasn't for TeSPA and "Riot Jaws" this event definitely wouldn't have been possible, thank you all for coming!